We help clients incorporate clean energy and green solutions in their facilities, homes, and business processes.


We provide smart building IoT controls and electrical repair and maintenance for industrial and commercial clients. For residential home builders, we provide electrical installation, including wiring homes to be ready for smart home technologies.


For companies that are looking for an easier way to reduce energy consumption and cost, retrofitting older light systems to utilize newer LED light bulb technology, is a smart choice. We also install new lighting systems.

Automation & Controls

We install, maintain, repair, and manage automation and control facility systems to maximize energy savings. We take the stress out of managing the systems by providing round-the-clock services, including emergency maintenance.
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We install, maintain, and repair energy-efficient heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) systems. We also provide preventative maintenance to ensure continued energy savings throughout the lifespans of the HVACR systems.

Security Systems

As a value-add services for our customers investing in new green technologies, we provide security system installation, as well as ongoing monitoring. This service is provided for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential homeowners.

Smart Home Systems

For residential home builders, we offer consulting on and setup of smart home systems. We work one-on-one with each homeowner to help them determine what technologies to invest in and how to configure these devices.


We have customized services for each client, helping them to meet green standards and goals.
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Industrial & Commercial

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Residential Production

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High-End Homes


Using the latest in alarm and smart home technology, EGSecure provides smarter security.


Emily Grene - Emily Grene Team

As a national provider of clean energy technologies and services, Emilygrene Corp. helps companies find financially smart green solutions that help reduce energy consumption and negative environmental impact. Working with industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential home builders, we excel in the space between environmental policies and the implications of those policies for its clients. We are passionate about clean energy and positive environmental policies, but we also understand the challenge that businesses face in implementing those green solutions.


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