Engineering the Future,
by Design

Who We Are &
What We Do

Emily Grene is a diversified service provider serving a range of customers throughout the country. We are committed to helping our customers reconnect, rebuild and imagine a better, more sustainable future for tomorrow. We do this by creating greater value for all our stakeholders through innovative design and solution-based outcomes that transform environments where people live, work, learn, and play.

Our Businesses

The future is being built today, and Emily Grene is leading the way, creating a more productive, more secure, and more sustainable tomorrow. We create intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated smart homes and next generation security systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on our promise of smart cities and communities. At our core, we promise to deliver innovations that change people’ lives — and the world — for the better.

Our Leadership​

Emily Grene’s leadership are industry thought leaders that have over 100 years of collective experience. We have a deep understanding of the issues around project design, cost-effectiveness of measures and client requirements that separate us from our competition. Meet the Emily Grene leadership team.

Join Our Team

Whether you’re a university student seeking an internship or you’re looking to jump-start your career through an apprenticeship, we’re always looking for talented employees. No matter what career path you envision for your future, Emily Grene is a great place to start. We offer opportunities in fields such as engineering, sales, marketing, field operations, manufacturing, business strategy, and more.

Let's Get To Work

From Smart Solutions to Clean Energy and Security, we are here to help you rebuild the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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