About Us

Our Mission

The Emily Grene Leadership Mission is to act humbly, transparently and purposefully. This is an integral part of our culture and reflects how we all aim to drive progress for our customers and our future.

How We Work

Emily Grene is a diversified service provider serving a range of customers throughout the country.  We are committed to helping our customers win.  We do this by creating greater value for all our stakeholders through innovative design and solution-based outcomes that transform environments where people live, work, learn, and play. 


Emily Grene’s leadership are industry thought leaders and have over 100 years of collective experience. We have a deep understanding of the issues around project design, cost-effectiveness of measures and client requirements that separate us from our competition.

As an innovative solutions’ provider, Emily Grene is redefining the way clients realize the benefits from integrated technology solutions. Our proven platform combines our culture, strategy and implementation capabilities with a pure focus on driving customer satisfaction.

With offices strategically located throughout the country, our organization combines regional engineering and operations, project development and auditing, financing, structuring and key client relationships to deliver local market expertise, cost-effective implementation, the ability to overcome project barriers and custom program delivery to our partners and customers.

Social & Governance

An in-depth look inside our culture, our values, and our commitment to building a more sustainable tomorrow.


At Emily Grene, our commitment is protecting what matters most. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we keep our homes, workspaces, and commercial buildings safe. Emily Grene is committed to building safe, reliable, and sustainable environments where our customers can thrive.

Let's Get To Work

From Smart Solutions to Clean Energy and Security, we are here to help you rebuild the foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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