Deanna Masiar

Director | Marketing Content & Strategy

Director | Marketing Content & Strategy

Deanna Masiar is the Director of Content & Strategy at Emily Grene. A strategist, brand storyteller, and content creator, Deanna has nearly a decade of experience developing narratives for brands both big and small, to draw exposure and build brand presence. Throughout her career, she’s played an integral role on creative and marketing teams—defining and upholding the brand’s visual and editorial style across all touch points. She’s also the one who builds the creative and content strategies that brings them to life.

At Emily Grene, Deanna focuses her talent and energy equally on brand development, marketing communications strategy, digital content strategy, and creative direction.

Deanna holds a dual degree BA from Marist College in Political Science and Journalism, as well as the DM1 Certification and Digital Marketing certification from General Assembly.

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