Gerado Bravo

Director | Engineering

Director | Engineering

Gerardo Bravo joins the Emily Grene team as a skilled professional in design planning, strategy and implementation, and utility incentive programs. As Director of Engineering, he will manage all data collection and lead energy audits for medium to large sized businesses. His work will be imperative to ensuring proven energy savings and return on investment.

Gerardo comes to Emily Grene after previous roles managing planning and strategy for leading brands such as Luis Vuitton and Amazon. While he is new to the energy efficiency market, his grasp of project management and coordinating data and revenue streams speaks for itself. Gerardo works closely with corporate management as well as the EG Comfort, along with the EG Electric and EG Low Voltage divisions to ensure new and existing projects are implemented and monitored without error and to customer satisfaction.

Gerardo is dedicated, organized, and detail-oriented in his daily tasks working hands-on with customers and supply partners. A Southern California native, he enjoys soccer and spends his time outside of work with his wife and five kids.

Gerardo Bravo Headshot