Justin Cotter

Director | EG Security

Director | EG Security

Justin Cotter is the Director of Security at Emily Grene. 

Justin has had extensive experience working in many executive positions, across a myriad of industries, from the outset of his career. Shortly after he graduated from high school, Justin pursued a career in construction. He earned his journeyman license, ascended to project engineer, and eventually, project manager, in the span of three years. In that role, Justin managed multi-million-dollar construction projects, maintaining and improving service levels while obtaining efficiency and profits. 

After the 2008 recession, Justin was offered the opportunity to enter the emerging field of physical security and integrated systems. With a proven track record of success, Justin rose to the position of Division Manager, facilitating the growth and development of a small business.  Under his leadership, his team grew to six project managers who managed thousands of retail and restaurant security sites nationwide.

Always on the lookout for new challenges, he pursued his goal of opening his own business, 459 Security.  After five successful years of operation, Justin was given the opportunity to merge his company with Emily Grene, an offer which he readily accepted. 

Justin holds a BA from Chaffey College.

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