Toby Reclusado

Director | Technology

Director | Technology

Toby Reclusado is a technology expert specializing in smart home design and installation, custom integration and innovative control systems. He continues his expansive career at Emily Grene, starting in 2018 as Director of Technology. Prior to joining Emily Grene, he spent five years as an information technology consultant and over 18 years in customer service. Toby currently manages our EG Home Theater business, working with private clients and coordinating all smart home projects from inception to completion.

Toby is an organized and skilled professional responsible for a team of dedicated technicians as well as helping new and existing homeowners understand the benefits of upgrading to energy efficient devices. He demonstrates an innate ability to continually develop our EG Home Theater division with cutting edge innovations, reliable research, and a unique customer focus.

A Glendora, California resident, Toby is also active in his local community as a volunteer fireman, teaches CPR, and spends his free time golfing, mountain biking, or relaxing with his beloved dog Frank.

Toby holds an MBA in Business Administration from La Verne University.

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