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EG Automation

Experience the Emily Grene Difference

EG Automation is testament to the power of one. Our platform puts your usage in a different light, bringing all of your data to one screen. Our dashboarding services integrate your systems, devices, and sensors into one easy-to-understand interface. One button. One click. All your live data. What could be easier than that?


EG Automation is a full-service licensed C10 automation and metering company based in Southern California. Since we started in 2015, one thing has driven us: The building community’s need for a trustworthy company full of experienced professionals who prioritize top-quality service and use only the very best products and materials.

From day one, we’ve been working on building improvement projects for clients ranging from small firms to one of the nation’s largest retailers. We provide the full range of services from initial design to final product.

Products & Solutions

Engineering, procurement, and implementation of all types of electrical, water, and gas metering. We offer services ranging from commercial submetering to tenant billing systems.

Design, start-up, commissioning, and service of full digital control systems. Services cover central plants, air handlers, VAV systems, split systems, ductless, and package units. We specialize in the integration of BACnet and Modbus central HVAC and building systems.

Lighting system control for all scenarios:

• On/off
• Scheduled
• Astronomical
• Integrated systems
• Motion sensor control
• Override control
• Interior or exterior
• Full LED retrofits

We’ll bring all of your data to one screen. Our dashboarding services can integrate multiple systems, devices, and sensors over multiple protocols and communication methods into a single graphical interface complete with live data, trending, and alarming.

EG Automation specializes in BACnet, Modbus, and Sedona digital control integrations.

EG Automation is a full-service, licensed C7 automation and metering company based in Southern California. We work with architectural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing companies. We’ll be your partner from initial design to field installation to final project turnover.

We are the first touchpoint for your projects – and the last. We work one on one with our clients to determine which technologies to invest in and how to configure devices. We will deliver an experience beyond compare and exceed your expectations at every turn.

We are committed to delivering cleaner solutions for our customers. From dimmer switches and motion control to energy-efficient heating and programmable thermostats, we’ll deliver a state-of-the-art model home built responsibly for your customers and our planet.

Quality Materials

A strong foundation is built using materials that meet the highest quality standards. No one understands that better than EG Automation. Our products reflect our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and personalized systems.

Custom System Integration

If you can dream it, we can achieve it. Through our holistic suite of services, we’ll transform your vision for your next project into reality. Our team will create smart buildings based on your needs.

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