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Experience the Emily Grene Difference

It’s a matter of continuous improvement. Staying on top of your system’s performance is what keeps your customers and employees comfortable. With over 20 years of experience, and two of only three DENT Instruments certifications in the country, Emily Grene can implement proven HVAC technologies to lower your energy, operating, and capital costs. All while continuously monitoring, measuring, and improving your indoor environments.


Every facility needs clean, reliable, efficient climate control. That’s where EG Comfort comes in. You’ll find our dedicated technicians in offices and factories, warehouses and shops, universities and hospitals, and apartment buildings and hotels, ensuring that each facility has advanced, never-fail climate control. Whether you’re building a new system or retrofitting an old one, EG Comfort offers cost-effective environmental control and sustainable efficiency you can rely on. EG Comfort is a full-service licensed C-20 heating and cooling company in southern California. With over 20 years of experience in the installation and service of air conditioning systems, every member of EG Comfort’s team holds the EPA’s Section 608 Universal Certification. Rest assured that our dedicated team of technicians will provide you with the cost-effective comfort and sustainable efficiency you can trust.

Products & Solutions

When your AC breaks down, you need it fixed fast. We offer 24/7 emergency service from the area’s leading technicians who can do the job right – and right away. Our technicians are trained to work on all types of systems and can repair any kind of problem, from refrigerant leaks to compressor problems.

Planned and preventive maintenance can alleviate problems including system failures, excessive energy consumption, and shrinking budgets. Our dedicated technicians will perform maintenance services customized to your individual facility needs. Our work ensures uninterrupted operation and reduces operational costs.

We’ll help you increase your energy savings with our high-quality indoor packaged equipment. Choose from our selection of efficient self-contained air conditioners to assess comfort and cost on a floor-by-floor basis. Discreet and flexible, our systems are perfect for retrofits or extensions, are easy to install even in difficult locations, provide protection from weather and vandalism, and offer individual temperature controls.

For your building environment’s air-handling needs, we provide expert knowledge, fast design, and prompt delivery of systems that will increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and performance.

From three tons to 150, we can provide a system perfectly suited to your needs and install it in any application for exceptional operational flexibility, energy savings, and lasting performance. As specialists in commercial properties, we are trusted to keep one of the nation’s leading retailers comfortable.

EG Comfort provides design, start-up, commissioning, and service of fully digital control systems including central plants, air handlers, VAV systems, split systems, ductless, and package units. We specialize in the integration of BACnet and Modbus central HVAC and building systems.

EG Comfort can meet any industrial refrigeration need. Expertly trained C20 and EPA certified technicians will come install top of the line economizers that are engineered for clean, safe operation in industrial refrigeration facilities.

When you need maintenance or system replacement, duct relocation, or heating and air conditioning repairs, you need a company you can depend on for quality service. Our professional technicians look forward to providing energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions to keep your home or business comfortable at all times.

Quality Materials

A strong foundation is built using materials that meet the highest quality standards. No one understands that better than EG Comfort. Our products reflect our commitment to safety, customer satisfaction, and personalized systems.

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