About Emilygrene Corp.

An industry leader in energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses.

We are clean energy. What is clean energy? Clean energy is any upgrade, retrofit, or action taken by businesses or individuals to decrease energy use and reduce carbon emissions.

Emilygrene Corp. is a national provider of clean energy technologies with multiple divisions dedicated to energy efficiency and peace of mind. Our mission is to utilize innovative design, expert installation, unparalleled customer attention, and national advocacy to spread the word about clean energy to businesses, homes, and communities.

Energy efficiency is what drives us. But we are so much more. We offer key solutions to maximize efficiency and ensure both decreased energy use with increased profits. We understand that “going green” requires both an initial investment and confidence. Our team of expert consultants, designers, and technicians provide energy efficiency audits, at-home consultations, hands-on demonstrations, and more to ensure you are ready to transform your home or facility.

Ready to go G-R-E-N-E? Emilygrene Corp. is comprised of five divisions to help identify the best solution for you.

Emilygrene Electric is our dedicated commercial, industrial, and residential provider of LED lighting upgrades and smart building IoT controls guaranteed to save energy and money, as well as any other electrical repair or maintenance.

EAC offers efficient heating and air conditioning (HVAC) installation and preventative maintenance for homes and businesses to ensure optimal system operation for years to come.

EG Secure is our new security and surveillance monitoring service specializing in trusted and reliable residential and commercial security installation to protect your investment from day one.

EG Home Theater designs and installs custom home theater experiences tailored exactly to you and your family. But why stop there? Start with a home theater, then build the smart home of your dreams with our comprehensive catalogue of smart technologies. We upgrade new and existing residential homes with smart technologies ranging from home theater, automation, lighting, low voltage wiring, electrical components, and much more.

And Emilygrene Foundation brings our message full circle by allowing us to participate in the communities we effect, using outreach, advocacy, and a growing number of dedicated people ready to make a change. Through programs like #GreenerTogether and the EG Street Team, we create awareness of energy efficiency and enact advocacy of political shifts that affect our push for 100 percent clean energy.

Our efforts to educate and promote clean energy in every aspect of our business provide peace of mind and confidence with your decision to “go green.”

Based in Southern California, we have surpassed expectations in our six year history and remain at the forefront of innovation. From LED retrofits, to HVAC preventative maintenance, to smart homes and buildings, security, energy efficiency audits, and complimentary consultations – we have you covered. Collaborating on a diverse range of projects from small business to Fortune 500 corporations and residential developments, we continue to pride ourselves on knowledge, strong relationships, and results.

“Going green” is far more than a trend, it is a necessity. We believe that now is the time to demand clean energy initiatives and pave the way for the future of our cities, towns, and communities. Through a simple energy efficiency audit, Emilygrene Corp. can have your home or business on the path to an upgrade that pays for itself. Utility and tax incentives make your investment easy and affordable, or partner with Emilygrene Financial to make your project a reality. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. You can rely on our team to ensure your upgrade is completed successfully, affordably, and efficiently.


  • C10 Electrical Contractor
  • CALCTP Approved Contractor
  • CALCTP Acceptance Test Technician
  • Title 24 Expert
  • Headquarters in Southern California
  • 50+ Utility Partners
  • $50 million in utility incentives procured for customers
  • 500 million sqft of projects completed