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Experience the Emily Grene Difference

No place is Emily Grene’s whole different energy more apparent than in your electrical needs. Our energy efficient solutions are unparalleled in the industry, and overseeing your project from beginning to end with our integrated services, ensures the hands-on management and attention to detail essential for success.


EG Electric is a full-service, licensed C10 electric and low-voltage company in southern California. We offer comprehensive electrical services, including wiring, fixture installation and low-voltage services, to homeowners and residential developers nationwide. From first install to final trim, we are a one-stop shop for our clients. Our technicians will provide cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy-efficiency solutions.

You’ll find our dedicated technicians in offices and factories, warehouses and shops, universities and hospitals, and apartment buildings and hotels, ensuring that each facility has the critical electrical infrastructure that delivers energy with more power and efficiency than ever. Whether you’re looking for repairs or upgrading your current system, EG Electric offers comprehensive, cost-effective electrical services to power your projects forward.

Products & Solutions

For developers, we provide products and services to build new projects from the ground up. Our end-to-end process includes integrated design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, and construction. With offices and experience from coast to coast, our team has a record of delivering sophisticated, cost-effective projects for every type of client and building.

Our team of renovation professionals, backed by our market-based subcontractor and labor crews, know how to enhance the value, appeal, and return on investment for retail, hospitality, and commercial properties.

As an integrated renovation services team, we handle everything from product sourcing and installation to full-scope renovation.

Use our expertise in engineering, procurement, and implementation of all types of electrical, water, and gas metering. Our services range from commercial submetering to tenant billing systems.

One thing that sets our service apart: We stay cool under pressure. Specializing in commercial properties, we are trusted to keep one of the nation’s leading retailers comfortable.

Our high-quality indoor packaged equipment will help you save energy. Choose from our selection of efficient, self-contained air conditioners to assess comfort and cost on a floor-by-floor basis. Discreet and flexible, our systems are perfect for retrofits or extensions, are easy to install even in difficult locations, provide protection from weather and vandalism, and offer individual temperature controls to keep you in charge.

We’ll bring all of your data to one screen. Our dashboarding services can integrate multiple systems, devices, and sensors over multiple protocols and communication methods into a single graphical interface complete with live data, trending, and alarming.

EG Electric can meet any commercial, residential, or industrial lighting need. Expertly trained C7 and journeyman certified technicians will install top-of-the-line lighting systems for all scenarios:

• On/off
• Scheduled
• Astronomical
• Integrated systems
• Motion-sensor control
• Override control
• Interior or exterior
• Full LED retrofits

Planned and preventive maintenance can alleviate many problems, including system failures, excessive energy consumption, and shrinking budgets. Our dedicated technicians will perform maintenance services customized to your individual needs. Continued maintenance and panel upgrades ensure uninterrupted operation while reducing costs. Our electricians will work with you to assess your system and deliver the solution to meet your current needs.

Cars and vehicles have come a long way. From the Model T and its four-cylinder combustion engine to tomorrow’s Level 5 autonomous vehicles, we’re heading toward all-electric vehicles (EVs). We provide hybrid and plug-in vehicle technology, including next-gen charging systems that have established a baseline for electric vehicle efficiency and performance – and can improve EV efficiency by up to 300%.

Solar System Installation

We are committed to delivering cleaner solutions for our customers. Take advantage of our solutions for energy-efficient power without denting your budget. Tell us how you want to switch to solar electrification, and we’ll deliver a state-of-the-art solar solution built responsibly for your customers and our planet.

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