Grene IOT

A Platform of Technology and Success

  • Centralized Management

    Centralized Management

    Our centralized management systems provide for ease of use among our client partners and enable a better way to do business through easy access to information and the ability to verify results.

  • Operational Efficiencies

    Operational Efficiencies

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has really changed the game in building controls. As a leader in the energy efficiency business, we help our clients streamline their business through implementing these technologies, ultimately optimizing their operational efficiencies.

  • Energy Savings

    Energy Savings

    Getting our clients a sizable energy savings translates into more profits and a competitive edge in the business climate. Our variety of solutions can meet the needs of any sized business.


The revolutionary impact of IoT in energy efficiency gives our clients an added edge. The Emilygrene Corp. suite of solutions offers both versatility and flexibility for facilities of all sizes and scope.


Software for easy commissioning, centralized management, and data analytics.

Big Data and Analytics

The enormous amount of information gathered provides the ability to view, analyze unstructured data, and make informed decisions.


From gauging temperature in a room to the complete automation of a building, IoT applications vary in size and scope.

Powerful Wireless Technology

Providing smart solutions to improve energy usage and bring a smart return on investment.

Green Energy Expertise

Our green energy specialists and technicians have wide industry experience and knowledge.

World Class Support

Our expert specialists provide high quality customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.