EG Home Theater & More

EG Home Theater is your premiere solution for custom audio/visual home theater installation as well as low voltage cable solutions and a comprehensive catalogue of smart home technologies.

Pre-Construction Wire & Cabling
Ensure your home is properly installed with specific wire and category cable needed for present and future smart devices. We build connectivity right into your home to give you the fastest and most efficient smart home experience.
Smart Lighting Controls
Give your home a sleek look all its own with dimmers and lighting controls from Lutron. Using RA2 technology and a full line of designer switches, select one of our prepared solutions or work with one of our experts to assemble a custom package.
Security & Surveillance Technology
Home security is the most valuable option to most homebuyers interested in surveillance, alarms, locks, and emergency alert programs all tied into one convenient smart system.
Energy Efficient Motorized Windows
Properly sealed windows, energy efficient treatments, and motorized shades all combine to help save energy and control the temperature of your home.
IT Network Expansion & Smart Infrastructure
Expand your home Wi-Fi network and improve overall data rate and coverage with smart devices designed to remove dead zones, enhance streaming performance, and integrate network controls seamlessly into your home.
Audio/Visual Home Elements
Smart surround sound and home theater experiences are not only a stylish choice for your living room, they provide the best premium audio and visual quality for your investment.
Smart Heating & Cooling Elements
Using smart programmable thermostats in combination with your smart home hub will save you money and energy during the hot and cold months.
URC® Smart Home Automation
Take your Grene Home™ to the next level with a Universal Remote Control home automation system that will allow you to control every device in your house with a single voice command or smart pad.