LED technology is the solution to transforming any commercial building, warehouse, school, hospital, or industrial facility into an energy efficient asset. Emilygrene Corp. has built its foundation over the past six years in successfully completing LED retrofit and modernization projects across the United States. Our team of knowledgeable designers and clean energy experts work with several manufacturers and technology firms to ensure we provide the best applications for your business.

Changing current fluorescent or metal halide fixtures to LED retrofit options is a proven and sustainable way to substantially decrease monthly energy payments, meet environmental standards, and increase property value all through your guaranteed return on investment (ROI). Your return on investment is presented to you prior to each project, indicating a time frame in which your project will essentially pay for itself.

In most cases, a LED retrofit and modernization project returns your initial investment to you within three to five years. In that time, local utility rebates and tax incentives can offset your monthly payments to create a neutral budget or add to your bottom line with extra profit. When choosing to make the transition to new technology, there are incredible financial benefits to justify any primary expenses or short term investments.

Our team works with you to develop a proposal and solution that both fits your needs and creates long term energy conservation. We are able to guide you through any of the following proposal types:

  • Design & Construction
  • Retrofit
  • Energy Efficiency Audit
  • Maintenance & Repair

It all begins with a phone call. Or an e-mail. Or a message on Facebook. However you choose to contact us, one of our Emilygrene Corp. associates will be happy to assist you. Improved lighting makes a difference from worker health and productivity to growing your business and serving your community. Reduce energy use with a fast payback and the peace of mind that comes with working with a clean energy leader.

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