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When we work with businesses of any size considering a lighting retrofit, or a preventative maintenance plan, a controls package, or a full energy efficiency upgrade, there is one question we are asked most often: “Can we afford this?”

The answer we give is always, “Yes!” While the initial investment for any of these clean energy solutions may seem unattainable, Emilygrene Financial works with you to lay out finance options to complete any project easily and affordably. With up to 100% project financing from $3,000 to $5 million, you are able to achieve energy efficiency unlike ever before.

Emilygrene Financial allows you to manage your cash flow. When financing energy efficiency upgrades, it is possible to structure monthly payments lower than your energy savings – providing you with positive cash flow or a “budget neutral” project. In combination with local utility rebates or tax incentives, you may even profit from your upgrade.

In addition, our quick and easy project financing process is ideal for overcoming budget constraints. We can provide you with a variety of finance structures designed to work with your budget, including: monthly or quarterly payments, deferred payments, and step payments. A commercial upgrade can be scheduled for up to 7 years, with an average payback within 5 to 7 years.

Let Emilygrene Financial help you conserve working capital and preserve credit lines while taking advantage of any available tax benefits. Bundle your charges related to hardware, software, and services into a single monthly payment. Our simple and unique financing can get you on your way to “going green” now and in the future.

Financing options are available for any project completed through Emilygrene Corp. With Emilygrene Corp., finance matters.

For more information and resources, please visit www.emilygreneblog.com/finance. Any questions or inquiries can be sent to finance@emily-grene.com.

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