Facility controls are the key to taking your LED retrofit or energy efficiency upgrade to the next level. By integrating controls, sensors, and smart room solutions into your project, you can increase your energy conservation while simultaneously cutting costs. Emilygrene Corp. has advocated the use of facility controls in any business or facility since our inception. As an advocate within the green energy movement, it is our goal to maximize your clean energy goals.

From comfort in the workplace to promoting sensible energy use in commercial buildings, controls offer a full range of practical tools for making the most of your LED or HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) investment. Proven to cut lighting energy use up to 60 percent, options such as occupancy sensors, dimmers, and automation ensure that your lights and systems only stay on when needed – and turn off when not needed.

We take remembering to turn off the lights or air conditioner out of the equation. Now, your building works for you. Daylight harvesting makes use of renewable resources by combining your lighting upgrade with natural sunlight from adjacent windows. Additionally, automation allows you to monitor your energy use and and ensure that HVACR systems run only at optimal times throughout the day, or that certain rooms stay dark during the weekends or holidays.

As part of any retrofit or modernization project, our proposals include facility control solutions for multiple applications, including:

  • Standalone Solutions
  • Single-Space Solutions
  • Small Area Solutions
  • Multiple Room / Entire Floor Solutions
  • Entire Building / Campus Solutions

It all begins with a phone call. Or an e-mail. Or a message on Facebook. However you choose to contact us, one of our Emilygrene Corp. associates will be happy to assist you. Take advantage of our control packages on one fixture or your entire facility and beyond. At Emilygrene Corp., we strive to give you the best possible energy efficiency experience.

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