Emilygrene Corp. is transforming the way organizations relate to their utility costs. With more than 500 million square feet of projects completed, our solutions have been deployed to millions of businesses across North America.

Energy Efficiency

Emilygrene Corp. delivers large- scale energy savings quickly and reliably, yielding more kWh across a portfolio than other approaches and allowing our clients to meet ambitious energy efficiency goals while maintaining cost effectiveness.

Auto-Demand Response

Emilygrene Corp’s auto-demand response solutions allow organizations to deploy cost-effective and reliable demand response programs across their portfolio – with a touch of a button

Renewable Energy

Emilygrene Corp’s on-site development solutions provide reliable, cost effective, clean energy. Our projects are developed to maximize both financial and environmental metrics.

Client Engagment

Our customers expect more from their projects. It’s time to exceed those expectations. Emilygrene Corp’s Monitoring Solutions provide customers best-in-class solutions that gives personalized insights they want on a platform designed specifically to help reach their business goals.