Energy Efficiency

We’re bringing new meaning to energy efficiency. Emilygrene Corp. solutions brings both responsibility and intelligence to commercial lighting and building systems.

As a systems integrator, Emilygrene Corp. specializes in finding the best solutions for our clients. Whether it’s creating better operational efficiencies or maximizing savings and control, our breadth of solutions provides a one-stop shop for the building automation industry.

Reduce energy lighting usage by over 90% and deliver cost-effective savings across your building or portfolio.

Design a comfortable and attractive building environment.

Deliver a strong bottom line by maximizing energy savings.

How we make a difference

See how you can enhance your building or facility with Emilygrene Corp.’s energy efficient solutions.

Talk to an Emilygrene Corp. specialist about your facility today and start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Building Automation

All of our solutions integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology, maximizing control for the user through a centralized management system. Our Building Control System puts customer information online, with a full dashboard of reporting analytics that gives clients the ability to monitor costs.


Our best in class lighting solutions incorporate built-in intelligence, reducing energy usage by as much as 90%.


With the Energy Star score, we can determine energy data and costs for all types of buildings, and compare this against other similar use buildings in the area and across the country.

Utility Incentive Procurement

Part of our job is to stay on top of the latest rebates, incentives, and credits available through government agencies and utility companies. We ensure we’re getting our clients the maximum amount of savings.

HVAC Optimization

With most buildings wasting about 10 percent or more of the energy it consumes, the opportunity needs to be defined within the building. Is it a quick fix or does it require a major equipment upgrade? We collection data from the building management system, onsite staff, and from specific equipment to determine where there are inefficiencies.